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Venice Maps


Discover Venice with classic Google Maps.

Zoom and touch features for an easy navigation.

Easily discover attractions and the most visited places in the city!

Our points of interest are divided into complete and exaustive categories, such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Culture
  • Shopping
  • Transports
  • Night Life

And many more!

Multicategory Pins
Street Level


Only with our App you have access to the “street level” mode on Venice streets and alleys.

Move tapping between the walls of the city and enter buildings with a virtual tour that will let you live a 360° experience.

360° view
Venice Maps


Explore Venice with an interactive gallery that in a simple overview will show you all the attractions in the surroundings, for an easy consultation.

Useful to optimize your time and energies!

High Quality Images
Street Level


A complete dossier describes every point of interest, including contacts, historical news, schedules and curiosities.

A personalized gallery completes the features with infos about public transport, shops and attractions.

Lots of useful information